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🚫 How do I cancel my booking?

Under My bookings, you will always find your active bookings under the Current tab. Click on the event you want to cancel and click Unbook.

When you cancel an event, you will receive a confirmation in your e-mail.


1️⃣ Can I cancel one of my two tickets?

Yes! Under My Bookings, you will find all your active bookings. If you have a booking for two tickets, you can choose Cancel one ticket. Once confirmed, the booking will update to one ticket and you will receive an email with a new booking number.

⏱️ What happens if I don't cancel on time?

  • You can always cancel your booking up until the event starts.

  • You can cancel free of charge until 24h before the event starts.

  • If you need to cancel after that, you will be charged for late cancellation.

  • If you don't cancel or use your booking, you will be charged a fee for a no show.

  • The opportunity for late cancellation disappears as soon as the event has started.

You cancel your booking on My bookings.

It's important that you cancel your booking as soon as you know you can't go. This allow us to give your place to another member and is necessary for us to maintain a broad and qualitative content at Abundo.

💰 What happens if I don't pick up or use my tickets?

If you don't pick up or use your tickets and haven't completed a cancellation, you will be charged 29 € per non-used ticket. This will be added to your next monthly fee.

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