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Get started with Abundo!
Quick introduction to Abundo!
Quick introduction to Abundo!
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Hej! Hallo! Hey!

First and foremost - welcome to Abundo! πŸ’— We know that it might be a lot to take in when starting a new membership, so here we have gathered a small get-started-guide to get you ready for hundred's of events! We will cover how to book, the meaning of the colourful dots and everything in between.

First order of business is to add Abundo as a secure sender to your email client. Since we will send important emails to you, such as booking confirmations and tickets, it's important that they get into the right inbox! Read more about how to do this here.

πŸ”Ž Once I become a member, how do I find the events?

Both in app and website, when logged into your account, a selection of events will appear for you to browse through. Either scroll down to see suggestions and if there is a specific event you are looking for, use the search function marked with a small magnifying glass.

πŸ”– How do I book something?

After scrolling, and finding an event that you would like to attend, you easily book your ticket with two simple clicks. Choose your preferred date and click Book.

After that, a confirmation box will pop up. Here you can choose how many tickets you want and read instructions about redeeming tickets. Please also note the cancellation policy and when the free cancellation period expires.

After choosing the amount of tickets you want to book, simply click Confirm Booking. VoilΓ‘, done, you have made a booking! When your booking is confirmed you can find it under My Bookings.

If you click on the booking, you can choose to cancel, remove or add a ticket and read ticket instructions.

πŸ’¬ What do the colourful dots and standby mean?

The dots are an indicator of ticket availability.

🟒 Green: Great access to tickets!
🟑 Yellow: The supply is somewhere in-between.

πŸ”΄ Red: Big risk that the tickets will be booked soon.

It you see the dot's coloured faded out into gray, it means that the event is temporarily fully booked and you can enter what we call standby, which is our queuing system for fully booked events. Don't despair if you see standby instead of book. When you are on standby you register your interest in the sold-out events and when more tickets become available you will receive a reservation from us. 70% of all standby's ultimately lead to a reservation, meaning an active booking.

Once you get a reservation you will receive an email from us. You then need to accept the reservation to get a booking. If you don't want it, please make it a habit to decline the reservation so someone else on standby gets the chance to book instead. Read more about standby here.

🚫 How do I cancel and what conditions apply to cancellation?

To cancel an event go into My Bookings. You can always find your active bookings under the headline Current. Select the event you would like to cancel and simply click Cancel. You can cancel one of two booked tickets by choosing Cancel one ticket.


Remember that cancellation must take place no later than 24h before the event starts. However, you can make a late cancellation within 24h of the start for a fee of SEK100/ EUR10 per ticket. Read more about our booking terms here.

πŸ‘« Can I invite my friends to try a month of Abundo?

Yes! In addition, your friends get the first month for free! Under the Friends tab in the menu, you can invite as many friends as you want! You can either share your personal link via mail, text message, or social media, or enter your friend's email directly in the box and send an invitation.

The friends who sign up through your personal link can test the first month for free if they choose the membership Standard. You also get a SEK100/ EUR10 discount on your next member's fee for every successful acquisition that leads to a continued membership.

As we say in Sweden, shared joy is double the joy!

At the end of the page, you will see your bonus as well as a list of who you have invited and what the status of the invitation is. If it's accepted, it means that you have succeeded in recruitment and will receive a bonus.

That's all for now! You can always reach us via or chat if you have any questions.

We wish you an eventful time with us and once again, welcome to Abundo! πŸŽ‰

/ Team Abundo

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