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🀽 How does Standby work?

An event you want to attend is fully booked? No worries, there is a great chance that you will get tickets although it's currently fully booked! Here's how Standby works;

  • When an event is fully booked, you can click on Standby on the dates you are interested in.

  • When tickets become available, reservations are sent out randomly to members on the standby list via e-mail and text message *.

  • Once you have received a reservation, you have a specific time to either accept or refuse the reservation.

When an event is occupied, there're two ways you still have a chance to get a ticket.

  • We often add more tickets to the event.

  • Another member who had a booking to the event cancelled their ticket.

When tickets are available, a random member from the standby list will recieve a reservation. The reservation is not binding and does not mean a booking. The reservation must first be accepted (it can also be declined) to become an active booking.

☎️ How will I get the reservation?

You will get the reservation from us by e-mail and text message*.

πŸ†— How do I accept my reservation?

There are two ways. Either, you click the button in the email you will get from us. It will take you to a list of your standby bookings. You will see a button that says Accept, as soon as you accept the booking, your booking is moved to the Current bookings tab. You can also accept directly via My Bookings under Standby.

⏲️ How long time do I have to accept my reservation?

It depends on when you receive your reservation. The time span is between 24 and 3h depending on when the event takes place. You will always see the exact time in the reservation email.

πŸ™… Can I remove myself from standby?

Yes. In My Bookings under Standby you can click on Delete me from the list for the event in question. You can also choose to reject your reservation when you receive it. This helps us to faster find a new member who wants to go.

πŸ‘― How does it work if I have the Plus 1 membership?

You will get a reservation as soon as we have two tickets available. When you accept the reservation you will receive two tickets but you can then choose to cancel one of them if you wish.

1️⃣ There is only one bookable ticket left, I want two!?

If you have Plus 1 and only get hold of one ticket, you can be in standby for the second ticket after booking. You will find the standby button for ticket two in your booking.

πŸ‡ Why does the reservation happen randomly and not in turn?

So everyone have an equal chance of accessing desirable tickets.

πŸ€™ Why do you make reservations?

To be able to notify when tickets are available. For example, if a ticket becomes vacant and we have 100 members in standby, 99 members don't need the notification. (We then get one happy member instead of 99 disappointed members)

🚐 What if I miss the time slot to accept my reservation?

Then the reservation goes on to another member in Standby. In some cases we get more tickets available than members in standby, then it will be possible to book even if you missed the slot to accept the reservation.

πŸ”— Do I need to attend the standby list again if I miss the slot to accept my reservation?

No. You remain in the list until the moment you make a booking or remove yourself from the list. If you don't have time to accept your reservation, there is a great chance that you will receive a reservation again.

Ps. Please make it a habit to decline the reservation if you can't go. This helps us to quickly let another member book the event.

* If you get a reservation for an event that starts within 24h, you will receive a text message from us. You will also get an email as usual.

Feel free to contact us on or in the chat if you have any questions or comments!

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