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Booking Terms and Conditions
Booking Terms and Conditions
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πŸ’‘ How many bookings can I have at the same time?

You can always have two active bookings at a time and one active booking per day. As soon as you have attended one of the events, you can book a new one! πŸŽ‰

You can of course cancel a booking if you find another event you rather wish to book (cancel is always free of charge if it's more than 24h before the events takes place).

The number of bookings on standby is unlimited, but please note that you might have to cancel a booking in order to accept a reservation in standby.

πŸ‘‘ How many events can I attend per month?

You can attend as many events as you want!

However, you can't be booked for more than two events at a time and you can't have two bookings on the same date, as stated above but other than that, roam free!

🌲 When can I at latest book an event?

At each date for an event, you can see a small info icon. Hold the mouse over or click on the icon - the time you latest can book till appear. This is the same time when the standby list closes.

🎫 Can I buy extra tickets?

Yes, you can buy extra tickets to most of our events!

When you make a booking:

1. Choose the number of tickets you want to book for the event.

2. The tickets that exceed your membership you can pay for.

3. Click Go to payment (The cost of each extra ticket and the total sum will show).

If you wish to add extra tickets for an already booked event:

1. Go into My bookings.

2. Click on Buy more tickets and choose how many tickets you want to purchase.

3. Click Book.

Can't choose to buy extra tickets? Unfortunately, that means there's no availability or the producer has chosen to not enable extra purchases of tickets.

More information:

  • You will find the extra tickets just like your bookings on My bookings.

  • You pay the ordinary price for a purchased ticket that is not included in your membership.

  • You can buy extra tickets for whoever you want, even friends who aren't members.

  • Of course, we place you next to your other bookings if possible.

  • Purchased tickets are purchased tickets and thus not cancellable, with us or elsewhere.

  • If the event is canceled, you will of course be replaced for the purchased extra ticket.

πŸ‘« If I have the membership "Plus 1", can I bring whoever I want?

Yes! You can always bring a person of your choice. A friend, partner, colleague, or neighbor - who you bring is up to you!

However, it's important to remember that your booking and tickets are personal and can't be transferred to anyone else. You always need to attend the event yourself.

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