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🎭 Can you share a Plus 1 membership?

No, you can't share a membership. This applies to both Standard and Plus 1.

Our memberships are strictly personal. You who are registered on the membership always need to attend the event and are the only ones who can receive and pick up booked tickets.

  • With Plus 1, you can invite whoever you want to each event. A friend, colleague, or partner - it's up to you!

  • If you have a membership Standard, you can easily upgrade to Plus-1 if you wish.

  • You can also invite friends to Abundo. Your friends will get the opportunity to test Abundo for one month for free. Read more here.

πŸš‹ Can I transfer bookings I have made as a member to others?

No. The membership is strictly personal and you can't transfer any bookings. Be prepared to show identification when being checked in on-site.

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