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Can I invite friends?
Can I invite friends?
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πŸ‘― Is it possible to invite friends to join Abundo?

Certainly it's possible to invite your friend, neighbour, colleague or lover to Abundo, and as an added bonus, the person you invite can try the first month for free!

❓ So, how do I invite my friends?

Go to the tab Friends in the menu. You can either share your personal link via mail, text message, or social media, or enter your friend's email directly in the box and send an invitation. It should look something like this:

The friends who sign up through your personal link can test the first month for free if they choose the membership Standard. Please note that it's of utter importance that they sign up, register and follow all necessary steps in one go - if you change browser or device the automatically added bonus will not be applied.

And an even better bonus? You will receive a 100 SEK/ 10 EUR discount on your next member's fee for every successful acquisition that leads to an active membership, meaning if your invited friend stays with Abundo after the first month.

As we say in Sweden, shared joy is double the joy! πŸ’—

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