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Pause your membership
Pause your membership
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🌴 Can I pause my membership?

Yes! You can easily pause your membership by clicking the Pause button on the Membership page. You will always be sent an email confirming your pause, so please check you inbox to see if you have successfully paused.

⏲️ How long can I pause?

Initially, you can pause for one, two, or three months. During your pause, we don't charge any fees and you can't book events. If you have booked events that take place when your pause has begun, they will automatically be cancelled when the pause starts.

πŸ‘Œ When does the membership get re-activated?

You will be notified by email two days before your membership re-activates, so check you inbox to keep track on when you can start exploring cultural events again!

If you like, you can easily re-activate your account earlier than your paused period! Simply, log in to your account and go to the Membership page and click Resume now and your account will be activated immediately.

🏁 When will the paus start?

Starting date of your pause is in correlation to your payment date (which is set to the day you first started your account), and therefore it will differ between all members. The pause will be activated in conjunction to your nearest upcoming debit date, so either the pause is affected almost directly or it will be affected until next debit date.

An example:

Eva's debit date is May 30th. On May 10, Eva pause the membership. The membership remains active until May 30.

On May 30th, the membership will pause & all bookings made for events after May 30 will automatically disappear. Until May 30th, Eva can revoke her pause to maintain her membership and bookings for the next month.

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